Ultimate proposal

When I decided to propose to my girlfriend in South Africa, I knew there was only 2 people to help me arrange a holiday of a lifetime to the level of detail that such an important decision requires… Clare and Kerry! Their discreet yet ever so personal service made the 12,000 mile round trip, with ring in hand, completely hassle free. Having already been lucky enough to enjoy a holiday to South Africa arranged by HMC before, choosing them again was a very easy decision.

From the initial planning to our return to the UK, Clare and Kerry's enthusiasm and passion for my journey was overwhelming. In true HMC style, I was prepared for a few "surprises" along the way but not to the extent of everything they did for us, including upgrades in each property, great recommendations for restaurants, bars, hotel and tourist hot spots and re-arranging plans to accommodate for unexpected weather.

There was also a welcome pack including a detailed day by day itinerary for the trip and this 'bible' did not leave my sight. Moreover, they were incredibly instrumental and influential in assisting with my proposal plans. They helped me chose the restaurant and liaised directly with them to discreetly arrange the lunch.

HMC made the entire planning element so simple and completely took the burden of my shoulders. Clare and Kerry clearly know exactly what they are doing. I never felt pressured into any arrangement and was always very happy to hear their thoughts and ideas. They know the country very well and are clearly very good at what they do. It was a truly memorable holiday for so many reasons, and for that, I thank you both very much.

Andy & Mel