Truly exceptional

After planning our dream honeymoon last year in South Africa, this year we had to return to Africa with Here's My Card for another taste of the 5-star adventure that Clare and Kerry work so hard to create. This time we would be heading to back to South Africa to return to our favourite spots in Cape Town and the wine country and journeying to Namibia for a taste of the wild.

Clare and Kerry once again outdid themselves and gave us a truly exceptional and unique experience across both countries. Every step of the way we had spectacular accommodations. In Namibia, Clare and Kerry always went the extra mile to insure we were treated exceptionally and given access to explore the rugged and beautiful landscapes independently with the most skilled guides from each lodge. We were also given fabulous extras like private dinners and a sunrise balloon ride over the desert.

We cannot recommend the white glove treatment of Clare and Kerry to enough of our friends and family. In fact, we've been so thrilled we are bringing our families back with us for our next trip we are already planning with Here's My Card for our third African visit!

Gray & Jeff

Los Angeles