Flawless arranging & professional service

It’s an interesting thing getting married… a thousand things to consider, especially the venue. We asked Kerry for a suggestion of a Bush Lodge that could cater for us, and pretty quickly she came back with Lion Sands. What a suggestion that turned out to be! As you will know anything and everything with Here’s my Card is easy! But to find that, that ease continued all the way to the lodge, its managers and staff is a prime example of why we love to use Here’s My card. Their recommendations are top notch, never wrong, and the service is superb. Of Lion sands I can say this:

Everything was flawless, service was superb, food delicious, drinks refreshing, and just smiles all round.

And even though we planned everything and took measure for that which we couldn’t, when it rained on the Friday night, the team took it in their stride as easily as a spilt drink needs replacing. To see guides, butlers, managers, cleaning staff, from 3 lodges coming together, some without knowing each other’s names, and putting together a 5 star dinner for 70 people, in 30 minutes was something to behold. All while keeping the festivities going at the bar. Truly that was the special moment for me from Lion Sands on the weekend. Such ease. Such class.

So to Kerry and Clare, from Renee and I, all we can say is thank you, thank you, for your flawless arranging, professional service, and a truly once in a lifetime suggestion!

Matt & Renee