Honeymoon for the history books

When we set out to plan our honeymoon, my husband and I wanted to go on the trip of a lifetime. We have gone on some truly amazing trips in our lives so this was no small task.

Here’s My Card totally delivered. Kerry worked with us to craft a trip that was truly ours. We originally really wanted to go to Mauritius are so happy she convinced us to start our trip in Mozambique instead. Benguerra was exactly the unique experience we wanted to kick things off. Every decision we made based on Kerry’s suggestions were validated at every turn. We went to the best restaurants and stayed in amazing hotels that were full of surprises and personal touches. Even the itinerary was a surprise!

I have already been asked by several people how we booked our trip so they should be prepared for some referrals! This was a honeymoon for the history books.

Annie & Terence

New York