Mind blowing

Heres My Card made all the difference for the best trip ever. What a blessing it was to know that we were in such good hands and that every detail was covered and planned to a tee. Couldn't have asked for a thing more. 

Cape Town - What an amazing city. The Silo Hotel was one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen. Top to bottom it was incredible. Staff, service, rooms, food, all knocked our socks off. It was the ultimate way to step into our African trip and I’m sad for everyone I know who hasn't been there! Words cant describe how much we both loved it. We loved all your recommendations but Chefs Warehouse was one of the best meals we had all trip. I loved the vibe of the city and the views were incredible. How lucky you are to get to spend so much time in such an incredible place.  

La Residence - Take me back, please. Edward and his staff are unmatched in service and hospitality. Easily the most beautiful place I've ever seen. We loved getting to know everyone there and couldn't have been taken better care of. We really felt so welcomed and are lucky to have gotten to know such an amazing place and such amazing people. I can’t wait to go back. We loved hanging at the hotel but also walking into town and shopping around. Couldn't have been better. 

Singita Boulders - Amazing. Only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. They took such good care of us. Morning and afternoon drives were my favorite. We saw everything we could dream of and staff and service were top notch. 

Azura - The best way to end the trip. We had the best time literally doing nothing. We fished and toured the island but our favorite part was just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the peace and quiet. Rooms were amazing and service was exceptional. 

Again Kerry, I can’t think you and Clare enough for planning the best trip that both Alice and I have ever been on. We've both been lucky enough to have traveled to some cool places so that isn't said lightly. Here’s My Card was so professional the whole time. We felt like you were right there with us the whole time if we had any questions or concerns about anything. We didn't just feel like we were being looked after by all the hotels that we stayed in but it felt like we were being looked after by you the whole time as well. It is mind blowing how you guys pull off what you do. Cant wait to go back and use you guys again. 

Nick & Alice