Unforgettably perfect experience

I must say, being the vacation planning control freak I am, I was a little hesitant letting someone else plan our honeymoon. I heard so many great recommendations about Clare and Kerry and since I was so busy planning the wedding, I decided to let them take over. And my goodness, I couldn’t be happier these two were put in our lives. Let’s just say, I’m pretty confident these two women were created by God for this purpose exactly; to really change and touch lives through travel and create magic doing so. 

It’s hard to put into words how grateful and appreciative my husband and I are to have had these two plan every single detail of our honeymoon. Everything was surreal. Every experience was planned perfectly. Every night, there was a new surprise. Every dinner was incredibly delightful. Every person was so lovely. Every location was unbelievable gorgeous. Every day there was real magic. It was as if they knew us perfectly and planned far beyond where our dreams had taken us. I have never been on a vacation where I cried so many tears of joy. It was an unforgettable perfect experience. Trust in Clare and Kerry, I guarantee they will not disappoint and will plan one of your most favorite memories of your lifetime! 

Thank you Clare and Kerry. This trip has strengthened our connection together, changed our views on the world and inspired our life in so many ways. Every detail could not have been more perfect. From every piece of our heart, we thank you! 

Brooke & Scott

New York