Exceeded our expectations

Jorge and I had the most wonderful time on our honeymoon. I would say it started by the way we were greeted at the airport, but it started way before that. From our first e-mails with the girls, who we "met" by the referral of a friend in common, we felt completely understood about the type of honeymoon we wanted. To say it exceeded our expectations is an understatement.

Flying over the Okovango Delta we could see the ecosystems changing before our eyes. This was probably the most beautiful camp in Botswana we stayed at, and knew right then that the girls had planned it that way, so that our last place in Africa was the best one...

During the day, on game drives, looking at animals in the wild so close was a real highlight. From a herd of elephants taking a mud bath in practically the only wet spot left on the seasonal river, to a mother lion with four 2 month old cubs. After seeing African wild dogs hunt and feed their young, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests; after one more night of singing by the staff at the lodge under the African stars, after a wonderful mokoro ride in the river, we flew home, wishing to return to Africa.

Thank you Here's My Card for a magical honeymoon! (& thank you Pummi for the recommendation)!

Maria & Jorge