Exceptional and thorough

A trip to south Africa can be ordinary or extraordinary. Thanks to the competent assistance of Clare and Kerry, of Here’s My Card, our itinerary could not have been more spectacular. We loved each place we stayed and had diverse experiences in each. Our transport from place to place was seamless thanks to attention to detail. Their familiarity with the properties made it possible to have specific rooms; in particular, the best room at Birkenhead.

The hard copy of the detailed itinerary that met us at our hotel in Johannesburg, is the most exceptional, thorough and attractive document I have ever received from any travel agent.

Beyond all else, we were able to have the most incredible time in Cape Town because restaurants were reserved, a guided tour of the botanical gardens was scheduled, and we were able to spend time with our friends who were available to eat, drink, and laugh together.

We look forward to returning. With gratitude and love.

Ellen & Casey

New York