Time of our lives

We honestly have no words to describe how much we appreciate and thank what you put together for us. It was in all terms (and we´re not exaggerating) PERFECT. We had the most incredible time on all the hotels, places, restaurants and activities in general. 

We totally felt the effort and love you put in crafting this perfect moment for us, Kerry. La Residence + all Franschhoek activities were the most romantic scenario to kick-off our honeymoon. Then experiencing the magic of Cape Town....what a city!! Every plan, every restaurant, every experience made us totally fell in love with the city, and then, as the most perfect cherry on top, Safari was amazing and Dulini was totally beyond our expectations.

The managers and staff at every hotel had a great contribution in making this a very special trip.

We will totally recommend, encourage & foster all of friends to not only visit South Africa but to do it through Here’s My Card.

On behalf of the Pardo Gonzalez family THANK YOU!! We had the time of our lives and you made it possible.

Carlos & Tatiana

Botogá, Colombia