Trip organised to perfection

How much did we love our holiday? A LOT. From the time we set foot at Cape Town airport the whole experience ran like clockwork. I don't think I have ever been on a holiday, where drivers collected and delivered their cargo (us) to the minute.

Clare organised the trip to perfection, we loved every restaurant and all our locations were heavenly. Of course, the food in South Africa is delicious, but our picnic lunch at Grande Provence was particularly memorable - and I don't even like picnics. Clare was very enthusiastic about our self-catering 'cottage' Lily Pond situated on the borders with Franschhoek, but even she didn't mention the enchanted garden nestling at the border. My daughter had recommended Babylonstoren, so I knew it would be on trend and gorgeous - which it was. We climbed Babel hill, canoed on the dam and my partner fished for bass (and caught some).

Thank you, Clare for all your efforts, and your patience when we kept changing our arrangements. Yes, I know it is part of the remit, but you never made me feel a problem to you. We will be back!!

Clare & Nick