Truly magical holiday

I honestly can't imagine that our two week holiday to South Africa with Here's My Card could have been any better! There are 6 of us in our family, Mark and I and 4 girls (11,9,7 & 5) and although I wouldn't say we were difficult to please, we definitely know what we like! Here's My Card nailed it at every step and there were a lot of them! We decided to do a 3 centre holiday, Plett, Safari and Cape Town so that's a lot of logistics to consider but we could totally relax in the knowledge that everything was taken care of - cars were there on time, GM's expected us, hotels had the right beds ready, gorgeous restaurants were booked and all tickets pre-booked - all we needed to do was to turn to the right page of our detailed itinerary to know where to be and when.

As you put yourself in someone else's hands for 2 - 3 weeks, the value of having an agent on the ground becomes apparent. The suggestions that Kerry and Clare made were spot on - we'd discussed some of our ideas, they gave their suggestions and then they formatted it all in a way that made total sense. They could be trusted to know the latest and greatest of restaurants/trips/wine estates to the extent that we knew more than many seasoned travellers there. That we could rely on superb quality at every stage also meant we could relax more - none of the staff could have been friendlier, rooms/amenities couldn't have been cleaner and the food and the drink were incredible.

Heartfelt thanks from all of us to you both for a truly magical holiday - as my 4 girls kept saying as they skipped out of bed at 5am for 4 days on safari, this is the holiday of a lifetime!

Mark, Jessica, Honor, Lila, Thea & Amie